IV Push

Boost your vitamin levels quickly.


When you need relief and don’t have time for a full IV drip, get a push of nutrients which allows the body to use them immediately, providing faster results than oral and topical medications.  



When you need fast relief from symptoms of headache, migraine, muscle spasms, or acute disc herniation. A magnesium push is also a great option for our patients recovering from joint replacement surgery. 

Migraine – When suffering from a migraine, getting relief quickly is imperative. A quick IV push can help alleviate symptoms so you can get back to life. 



A combination of L-Arginine, Magnesium, and B6, these nutrients can boost Nitric Oxide production, and relax vascular structures which can help reduce the symptoms associated with hypertension. 


The “Gold standard” for overall wellness and one of the most popular options. Immunity boosting, preventative therapy during cold + flu season, reduction of fatigue, and athletic performance enhancement


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